Posted: 3 years ago - Making International Payments Accessible For Every Business

Beka Kemertelidze Co-founder and CEO of the crypto payment platform that enables customers to receive money in desirable currency.

“We came up with the idea when we, as a company, faced the problem of receiving international transfers with high costs and time delays. As we are crypto enthusiasts by ourselves with huge experience in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, we always are eager to pay with crypto. So, we decided to expand the opportunity for every company to be able to receive international payments in crypto or into their desired currencies.” works for making international payments accessible for every company by offering them a cryptocurrency payment system with added benefits. We have solutions for both types of payments: online and offline sales. For online payments, we have a ready solution for online API integration, e-mail billing as well as POS terminal app for physical sales.

  • Customers enjoy 5-7 times less international transaction costs compared to the channels they had/have in parallel.
  • They have No Chargeback costs which has been one of the major problems of digital payments
  • Solving anonymity and confidentiality problems for the customers
  • We give our customers the opportunity to avoid a deep understanding of Crypto and receive transaction directly in their desired currency, just the exact amount they want to receive from their customers
  • We have no set-up and integration costs at all, while we don’t have any requirements for setup - We make it possible to accept customer payment from Any Point of the World.

What is the current stage of development for the platform and what are your next steps for it?

Currently, we can confirm that our platform is ready for use. We definitely will be continuing constant development of the system but for this stage, we have ready solutions to accept payment from any point in the world. We will announce every major change and development on our website and Facebook page, so you can keep up there.

What kind of investments have you attracted so far and what investments are you planning to attract in the near future?

So far we have gained investments that were used to develop our product. Recently we were announced as the winners of the GITA matching grant program that helps us to target the global market better and more efficiently. In the future, we have bigger plans for the Global market.