Posted: 4 months ago

Casberia - Clothing Brand for Men Inspired by Georgian Elements

Casberia creates a modern design for men, based on Georgian symbols, history and culture.

''For some time, Chokha-Akhalukhi (Georgian national suit) was the everyday clothing of the Georgian people. Over time, all of this has been forgotten and national clothing has disappeared from everyday consumption. Today, Chokha-Akhalukhi is found mainly in cultural and ethnographic events. The concept of the brand is to revive Georgian culture and history in modern clothes,''said fashion designer, Salome Tandashvili in an interview with Marketer. 

Casberia is created for men aged 18-40, who are students, businessmen or representatives of any profession.

The brand name comes from "casual Iberia". "Casual" as a style and "Iberia" as old Georgia.

''In our opinion, it has a rather great development perspective. Maybe our startup will turn into a big business because Casberia offers a wide range of diverse audiences. Fortunately, the history of Georgia is comprehensive, which helps us to develop ideas and concepts,''said Salome Tandashvili.

The brand works online, through Facebook and Instagram pages. Soon, it will be possible to shop online on Casberia's website, Ebay, and Amazon.

Casberia is planning to raise funds by participating in local projects, and open their store.