Posted: 2 years ago

"Carry it with heart" - New Personalized Jewelry from the Georgian Brand Atare

The manufacturer of Georgian alphabet accessories, "Atare", has added a new personalized product to the assortment of jewelry - "Carry it with heart". As explained in the company, the customer will now be able to "carry with his heart" the desired symbol.

Note: Atare means Carry it

Due to the special loyalty of heart-shaped accessories among consumers in the field of jewelry, the brand "Atare" decided to dedicate another line of its accessories to "for the heart". As for the concept and slogan, the idea belongs to the designer Irina Kvlividze, and the designer Liza Kajrishvili worked on the heart symbols. The Atare's team worked for exactly one year to develop, refine and complete the concept, and the final product will be available from the end of April on the brand new online platform and on the stand located in the City Mall.

"Given that the Atare is a brand of personalized accessories, the collection"carry it with the heart "is a logical continuation of the brand. It is completely new, tailored to the user's wishes, expressive of emotions, sophisticated and plain accessory. "A wide variety of symbols allows a person to choose the concept, interest, zodiac sign or just a hobby that he symbolically carries with his heart or as a special gift for a loved one to wear what is most precious to him or her," said Atare's founder Tamar Amirejibi. 

Within the framework of USAID's Economic Security Program and with financial support, the brand new, state-of-the-art online store will soon be completed and the marketing activities of the new collection "carry it with Heart" will be provided. The customer will be able to choose from 50 characters. This is a very interesting gift idea. This page of the website is maximally customized for the user, which allows you to easily place orders. The new line of accessories - 'Carry it with your heart', will be available with the launch of," added Tamar. 

The brand "Atare" has been in the process of updating its collections since its establishment. The release of the next accessory is scheduled for September 2022, which will also be loaded with personalization content.