Posted: 2 weeks ago

Calen AI is Launching an Artificial Intelligence Platform for Businesses

The platform of the startup "CALEN AI" will be introduced to the Georgian market on September 19. It will be an artificial intelligence, which will combine the functions of a voice assistant and simplify SMB operations.

Irakli Beselidze, the founder of the startup, says at that the platform will automate routine operations with artificial intelligence.

According to him, artificial intelligence, which answers business-specific questions and can receive up to 50 calls, will cost about 150 GEL per month.

"It's a voice assistant for small and medium-sized businesses that already works in the US and Australia. Any company can register on our platform. Simply put, CALEN AI automates routine operations with artificial intelligence. For small and medium businesses, this service will cost about 150 GEL. As for large financial organizations, including banks, we prepare separate projects for them, the cost of which can be tens of thousands of dollars," says the founder of CALEN AI.

According to Irakli Beselidze, the project is quite popular in the American market, as for their expectations in Georgia, about 6 companies are already interested in the CALEN AI service.

"The success of such a project is not easy. Not everyone likes talking to a robot. The user hangs up if the robot picks up the phone, then they get used to it, because they realize that communicating with them is easier. It will take some time to remove this barrier in Georgia," says the startup founder.