Posted: 3 years ago

Buy or Sell Car –New Startup by CARU Founders

Caru’s new startup has raised much interest among customers. As the automobile sales and purchase consulting company, Carousel assists customers in buying automobiles.

“Today, the Georgian market lacks this kind of services. Previously, many citizens used to ask us for assistance on Caru platform. It turned out that many individuals needed assistance when buying an automobile. This is not a simple process. Everybody aims to buy the best variant at the best prices. At the second stage, Caru provides a technical test of automobiles. All these activities require both time and knowledge.

Even one detail may essentially change the final price of an automobile. Therefore, Carusell unites all these services. Our experts pass these stages together with our customers and help them save time and make the right choice. We introduced this service a month ago and over 15 customers have already enjoyed our services. We think this is a good indicator”, Carusell founder Nika Abashidze said. Carousel managers plan to enter foreign markets too.