Posted: 10 months ago

BTU Revealed The Winners of Student Hackathon - Unleashing the Power of Gpt-3 

OpenAI's ChatGPT has generated a lot of feedback over the past few months. The chatbot, launched on November 30, 2022, can write blogs, create scientific papers, programs, and more.

 At the same time, the AI chatbot is constantly evolving, and no one knows what possibilities it will have in the near future. In order to test this potential, a hackathon for students of IT programs - "Unleashing the power of gpt-3: a student hackathon" was held at BTU, within the framework of which students worked on the following issues using ChatGPT:

  • writing a blog;
  • Compilation of CV;
  • Collecting and summarizing articles;
  • writin an evaluation;
  • copywriting;
  • Automation of various processes, including: talent acquisition and recruitment;
  • Screenshot2reminder and more.

The winning project, the initiators of which were awarded a monetary award, was Agro AI created by BTU information technology students Erekle Modebadze and Shota Lomadze. Agro AI is a platform based on the Gpt-3 model that helps farmers and anyone else to get location-based advice - which crop to grow, how much it will cost to grow, sets a business plan for several years, recommends how to plant, care for, harvest etc.

"Of course, we had the desire and hope to win from the beginning, but we didn't really have a guarantee of it. Moreover, the projects of other teams were also very interesting. I would like to point out that participation in hackathons is always worth it because we learn about news, touch completely new technologies, we gain new friends and knowledge.

As for our platform, we really intend to continue the project. This victory gave us more confidence and convinced us that we are going in the right direction. We are currently working on the development of the prototype and we believe that we will create a product that will benefit at least one person,’’ said Erekle Modebadze, a member of the winning team, in a conversation with Entrepreneur.

In addition to the student hackathon, BTU plans research projects, panel discussions, experiments, student competitions, the creation of new digital products, and other activities throughout the year around the revolutionary platform based on artificial intelligence.