Posted: 1 year ago

BTU Introduces Innovative Educational Products Created by AI

The integration of AI solutions in the educational and research processes at the University of Business and Technology (BTU) is a significant step towards maximizing the potential of artificial intelligence and accelerating the development of various sectors.

The implementation of innovative products in the educational and research processes at BTU opens up new opportunities for students, researchers, and professionals to access cutting-edge technology and expand their knowledge in a wide range of fields.

The learning materials and products generated through AI at BTU include a diverse range of textual, visual, and audio components, covering various fields, such as innovation and technology, entrepreneurship and business management, public and digital governance, law, agriculture, sustainable development, climate change, marketing, and creative industries, among others. The development of these resources involves a group of expert curators who ensure the correctness and accuracy of the content.

The positive evaluations and high interest in BTU AI from international organizations and the advanced scientific community are a testament to the potential of this initiative. The series of BTU AI products will continue to be developed to support educational and scientific activities, accelerate the digital transformation of business, and increase the speed, quality, internationalization opportunities, and pace of development in individual fields of the latest educational and research materials.

The exhibition of graphic works created using artificial intelligence held during the presentation of the BTU AI concept is a demonstration of the artistic potential of this technology. AI-generated art has gained attention and interest from the artistic community, and the potential for AI to revolutionize the creative industries is immense. The integration of AI solutions in the educational and research processes at BTU has the potential to foster innovation, creativity, and technological advancements in various sectors, and contribute to the development of a knowledge-based economy.