Posted: 1 year ago

BTU Entrepreneurship Center begins Organizing Startup Camps

Organizing startup camps, startup pre-acceleration, mentoring and coaching, entrepreneurship trainings and other activities will be held for partner organizations as part of the commercialization plan by the BTU Entrepreneurship Center.

In addition to the BTU academic team and trainers, top students and alumni trained in accordance with international standards will also be involved in the startup camps.

Startup camps have already been held in schools and university campuses in several regions of Georgia. Various partner organizations also systematically benefit from the trainings. Generating innovative ideas, forming a business model, fundraising and investor relations, pitching and integrating innovations into the ongoing processes in the organization, entrepreneurship and creative thinking, trainings in this area in the format of a startup camp will now be offered to anyone.

''BTU Entrepreneurship Center offers different types of services to the beneficiaries as a gift from the day of establishment. Recently, the interest in the so-called Tailor Made for startup camps has grown. We are contacted by companies from different regions of Georgia who want to conduct special training modules in cooperation with us. As the BTU Entrepreneurship Center is an active member of the Startup Ecosystem, with significant international connections and experience, we think we have all the necessary resources to start the commercialization process. '' - Tako Japaridze, Head of the BTU Entrepreneurship Center