Posted: 1 year ago Use Your Knowledge on Georgian Platform to Win Money

Brainer is a web platform, that offers customers a variety of educational games, where they have an opportunity to use their knowledge to win and receive financial benefits. 

Three friends, Tornike, Beka, and Temo, decided to create a platform during a pandemic when they began searching for interesting alternatives to spending time in Lockdown. At the moment, is preparing for a big raffle, in which you can already participate. The founders of Brainer talked to Marketer about the establishment and development of the platform.

''We wanted to create a cognitive platform, a commune, where people on the one hand would have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, and on the other hand, would be able to gain general knowledge about different topics such as art, geography, science, history, sports, entertainment. We conducted the survey in a friendly circle because we were interested in how ready the market was for a similar product and how much interest there would be around the brand,''said Tornike. 

In December, the founders fully committed refine the idea and creating the concept. This was probably one of the special experiences and the stage of brand development. The first big challenge turned out to be the GITA project, which gave them the opportunity to look at the product from a completely different angle. Three months of selfless work paid off and the founders attracted the first investment in the amount of 15,000 GEL, which gave them the opportunity to further refine the development side of the product. A year later, the friends launched a test version of the platform, which currently has about 500 active users registered.

''We created Brainer based on our interests and aspirations, so it is more fun to work on this project. We are actively involved in each stage of brand creation, be it website development, working with designers on a brand book, or creating a marketing strategy. We want to introduce our product to a wider audience. We have lots of ideas on how to become an accessible platform for schools or universities,'' said Beka.

Anyone can now test their abilities in the daily raffle of Get knowledge, play, and spend time productively.