Posted: 1 year ago

BG Era Games: From a Challenging Beginning to Global Success

"Gorgasali Battle Royale" has quickly become the most popular board game in Georgia, introducing Georgians to the world of board gaming.

The game was created by six friends who, after exhausting their options for board games, decided to create a new game themselves. Together, they founded the company BG Era Games and began the challenging process of crafting the game's story, balancing gameplay mechanics, conducting numerous playtests, and ultimately finding an artist to bring their vision to life.

"Naturally, creating Gorgasali Battle Royale was difficult. At the initial stage, our only weapon was enthusiasm and love for games. We were completely inexperienced in this field, and in general, board games were not very popular in Georgia at that time, although today the product is quite in demand, both on the local and international market" — Vakhtang Inoridze, director of BG Era Game.

BG Era Games became a beneficiary of the export promotion program of the agency "Produce in Georgia", which helped to popularize the game in the international market. The company is conducting negotiations with representatives of Britain, America, Baltic countries, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Spain and Asian countries.

''It is the merit of the "Produce in Georgia" agency that we have ongoing negotiations with the largest companies of the above-mentioned countries. The initiation of these negotiations took place at the exhibition organized by the agency - Spielwarenmesse, in which we participated for the first time this year" - Vakhtang Inoridze, director of the company.

After Gorgasali Battle Royale, the company introduced a new game "Megalomania". The game quickly gained popularity and appeared in the world's largest and most prestigious online board game space - Boardgamearena, which has more than 50 million active users.

BG Era Games is constantly striving to improve and diversify its products. The company's product is already available in the US on and is in high demand.