Posted: 1 year ago

Azerbaijani Startup Whelp Selected Among 10 most Successful Startups in the world for the ”Techstars Toronto 2021" Acceleration Program

Azerbaijani startup Whelp is one of the 10 most successful startups in the world selected for the ”Techstars Toronto 2021" acceleration program.

Whelp is a customer support platform based on cloud technology and artificial intelligence, which creates faster and more personalized opportunities. To be short Whelp is an AI-based cloud solution for faster, more personalized customer support. Whelp is a portfolio company of SUP.VC, the first startup accelerator in Azerbaijan that helps startups grow and expand to international markets.

By using Whelp the service provider and the customer can communicate directly and efficiently via voice message, e-mail, live chat, SMS, and Whatsapp at any time. This, in turn, has a positive impact on the quality and speed of customer service.

The adoption of such a world-famous and leading accelerator as TechStars gives the Whelp team the opportunity to make large investments in the future and develop their startups in Canada. It would be worth noting that the startup has a market value of $3 million.

"Our selection for the TechStars Acceleration Program in Canada makes us extremely happy and also creates a huge responsibility ahead of us. Our success is evidence of the global competitiveness of Azerbaijani startups. I hope that our team will benefit from this international success and expand its activities in Canada and other countries.",- Seymur Rasulov, founder of Whelp.

It should be noted that the acceleration program provides mentors and financial support to winning startups for 13 weeks and access to the global environment.