Posted: 1 year ago

Axel and Agronnect Shine at EBAN 2023 Congress: A Big Win for the Georgian Startup Ecosystem

In the recently concluded European Business Angel Network (EBAN) 2023 Congress, Georgia made significant strides in establishing its prominence in the European startup ecosystem. Georgian startup accelerator Axel and agritech startup Agronnect both earned prestigious awards at the congress, not only raising their profiles but also bringing international attention to the emerging Georgian tech and startup scene.

Axel was honored with the 'Best Performing New EBAN Member' award, a testament to the hard work, ingenuity, and determination shown by Axel's member investors since joining the network. This award recognizes Axel's remarkable achievements in a short span of time and its potential to continue driving the growth of the Georgian startup ecosystem in the future.

Equally notable was Agronnect's victory in the EBAN pitching competition. This distinction, awarded to a startup from Axel's portfolio, signifies Agronnect's potential to revolutionize the agritech sector and its impressive ability to articulate and demonstrate that potential. It is an extraordinary achievement, especially considering that Agronnect received investment from Axel just eight months ago.

Following their success at the congress, Agronnect has come under the attention of more than 100 European investment companies. This exposure presents exciting opportunities for Agronnect to secure further investment, scale its operations, and continue its journey towards transforming the agritech industry.

The victories at the EBAN 2023 Congress are a significant stride in marking Georgia's presence on the European tech and startup map. They serve as an inspiration for other Georgian startups and a reminder of the country's growth potential in the startup landscape.