Posted: 11 months ago

Award-Winning ChargeX Making Life Easier for Electric Car Owners in Georgia

‘’The number of electric vehicles is growing very fast in the world. However the infrastructure, which is essential for this type of transport, is unfortunately not available for everyone. So we want to say our word and contribute to the development of this industry,’’Said Davit Khasia, founder of ChargeX in a conversation with CBW.

As CBW learned, the service will be available through a mobile application. It will be a platform, where electric vehicle owners connect to charger owners. It is a virtual bridge for easy communication. In addition to rental services, there will be a kind of community, where people who are interested in this field will share their experience and receive advice. 

The startup was awarded a Social Impact Award for a reason:

Alternatively, numerous studies have shown that the use of electric vehicles significantly reduces the negative impact on the environment. Accordingly, our initiative simplifies the daily life of electric car owners on the one hand and on the other hand, it helps to improve the ecological situation in Georgia.

Tell us about your team and get us through your working day. 

We are the team “Weber Technologies”, who are manufacturers of electric vehicle chargers in Georgia. We have 4 years experience in this industry. So we decided to grow up and create our new product Chargex, which enables electric car owners to rent their own chargers or rent them from someone else, which will help to solve the infrastructure problem partially. 

What's your main goal you try to achieve with your customers? 

Our main goal is to develop the electric vehicles industry in Georgia. This industry has a big impact on the environment. As we know, In September 2015, the General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development that includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Building on the principle of “leaving no one behind”, the new Agenda emphasizes a holistic approach to achieving sustainable development for all. One of the most important goals is “less emissions for earth”, so we will do everything in this direction.

What is the current stage of development for the platform and what's ahead of you?

In electronics we have done everything and right now we are working on a user-friendly application. We are looking for some funds to make it real as soon as possible.