Posted: 1 year ago

Atoms Audio Launches Loudspeakers Produced in Georgia Soon

The sale of the first fully Georgian speaker will start in the near future. We are talking about five products of the startup Atoms Audio, among which three will be professional, designed for background sound, and two will be consumer Bluetooth speakers.

The founder of the startup, Dato Pilpilashvili, told that Atoms Audio loudspeakers will initially be sold on the startup's social platforms, and after negotiations with dealers, various companies will sell the first Georgian loudspeaker.

Regarding pricing, the startup's founder estimates that the cost of five Atoms Audio speakers will range from 150 GEL to 500 GEL.

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"In October of the current year, we will have a presentation of the products, after which we will start sales. We have started negotiations with dealers, there is great interest from their side.

We were waiting for the machine to process the magnet, which arrived. Now all the machines are in order and we are actively preparing the components so that we have enough quantities for production. Atoms Audio will be priced very competitively in the market. The price of speakers will range between 150 GEL and 500 GEL," says the founder of Atoms Audio.

It should be noted that the startup also has export plans. According to Dato Pilpilashvili, after mastering the local market, they will enter international markets as well.

"There is interest in export. We have a trading partner in Dubai, but we are trying to avoid any problems in terms of quantity, so we will test it here first, and by the end of the year we will think about exporting," says Strataper.