Posted: 2 years ago

Art of Crafting with Voilà

Voilà is a newly-created startup by two childhood friends, Tako Shetekauri and Natia Lashkhia during the pandemic.

Starting with creating handmade items in a group of friends, they decided to share their craft with others too. 

“We decided to share our creations with others too since it had great approval in our friend circle."

As they also mentioned with CBW, they had a lot of free time during the pandemic, so they decided to transform their ideas into reality that they had thought of many times now. 

Currently, their collection includes handmade bags, which are created by different kinds of threads, and mainly represents the style of Macramé, necklaces with natural stones, and hair accessories, made with shells.

“However, we think, that after some time, we will be able to offer our customers a diverse production.”, noted the founders of Voilà.

As for the working process, the pandemic hinders the development processes of their production.

“We face some difficulties in the working process. For example, a pandemic caused by a virus has hindered the frequent updating of the raw materials, which we use to create our handicrafts.”

They say, the most pleasurable thing while working, is to get the result they thought of before.

The startup features items that represent the convergence of two friends’ fantasies and ideas.

“First and foremost, our inspiration lies in aesthetics, we want to offer our customers highly sophisticated and different products.”

Currently, Voilà’s production is available via Facebook and Instagram official pages. 

The newly-founded company has a delivery service, collaborated with Panda. 

"We work with the newly created delivery service "Panda" since we think it is vitally important for startups to support each other and have a cooperation."

"As for the future plans, we want to offer our customers a wide selection of different, desired and handmade crafts created with love. Our primary goal is to hold a proper position among other startups."