Posted: 3 years ago

Application Agronavti Connects Farmers to Clients

The application "Agronavti" is in the top 15 of 500 startups - a digital platform serving the introduction of modern technologies in agriculture.

The platform brings together newcommer and experienced farmers. On the one hand, it provides all the necessary information in the field, on the other hand, it helps in the sale of products.

The simple and flexible electronic system is built on the principle of one window and has an effective mechanism of diversification. According to studies, there is no analogue of the application worldwide.

"I can say that Agronavti is an innovative and useful product. It was created to sell products produced by farmers and passed the first test successfully during the first wave of the epidemic, when we connected farms and entrepreneurs to supermarkets. We provide all the information to the interested people on their mobile phones. We have great expectations from the acceleration process. The idea has great potential for expand and we are definitely going to enter the international market in addition to the local market," said Nino Zambakhidze, founder of the application at Business Partner.

The application allows farmers to sell the product without leaving home. The target segment is primarily hotels, restaurants and cafes, and for retail, the application has a built-in platform, which simplifies the purchase of natural products for any individual.

The application is closely correlated with the Farmers Association. All news is updated daily for the users of the application. The startup currently employs 8 people.

The use of Agronavti is free, but in the future it is planned to offer "Freemium" and "Premium" services.