Posted: 5 years ago

Anti-occupational wine-making "-20%" from village "Ditsi"

Enterprisers Ana Gabriadze and Nika Markozashvili are making wine in the village Ditsi, which is located near occupied territories of russia.

Their company is called “-20%”, which serves the idea of living in the harsh reality, where 20% of our country is occupied by russia.

Co-founder of the company, Nika markozashvili who created the idea of anti-occupation wine-making, announced that their wine will enter the market of georgia in the current year.

They are also planning to export the wine in order to raise awareness of foreigners knowing and remembering the fact that 20% territories of Georgia is occupied by russia.

“We want many people to know about the occupation of our country. Confidently, I could say that there will be the time, when occupation will be changed with deoccupation.”, Nika Markozashvili noted.

Foreign affairs committee of Parliament of Georgia is interested in the wine-making company.

Chairmen of the committee, Sopo Qatsarava said, that they are ready to start giving mass-market appeal to the wines. She also noted that the department will bring the wines of the mentioned company to the international meetings.

“Newcomer innovators, young wine-makers have decided to visualise the main problem of our country and people in this way. Hence, with this kind of protest they are making a contribution in this essential and relevant issue, which for us and everyone who is in parliament, has a great significance. A style, which they constructed, is innovative. Increasing awareness and simultaneously demonstrating protest of this sensitive matter is really creative. We will bring the wine to every international meeting and gift them, including OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, where 57 countries are engaged.”, Sopo Qatsarava stated.

Some georgian business persons are neutral about using occupational symbols and the depictions of stalin, in order to sell the worthless product to russians. Therefore, existing such wine-makers on the georgian market, as are Nika Markozashvili and Ana Gabriadze, is particularly important, because during business processes they do not forget the vital interests of their country.