Posted: 2 weeks ago

And the Winners of Social Impact Award 2021 Are...

The winners of the Social Impact Award 2021 have been revealed. It's a place where entrepreneurs, civil activists, professionals and other community members combine their efforts for a better tomorrow. 

Here are the winners of the award: 

CosmoTronix - a cognitive-entertaining board game aimed at increasing the interest of young people in electronics.

ChargeX - Electric vehicle infrastructure rental platform.
Curie’s lab - A box staffed with materials needed for scientific experiments for students.
Plant Hotel By Butko- Plant Hotel Butko, which offers a variety of services to plant lovers.
Rugs from Racha - a social enterprise that will help restore the tradition of hand-knitting rugs and create new jobs in this direction in Upper Racha.
The program Social Impact Award is implemented with the support of Startuperi and UNDP Georgia.