Posted: 4 years ago

Amochame Jam of Pepper and Onion

Have you ever heard about jam of pepper and onion? Have you ever thought of making sweets of similar products? Tamar Kinadze, Tina Vashakidze and Ia Dzagania have decided to implement similar project.

They met at the Culinary Academy and decided to arrange a gastronomic explosion. Following a lot of experiments, they established Amochame company in August 2018.

We wanted to produce an absolutely different product and we created pepper jam, which deserved much approval at one of the culinary festivals, Amochame co-founder Ia Dzagania said. 

-What is the concept of Amochame and what does the appellation express? 

-The concept of Amochame is to create affordable delicacies from domestic and ordinary products to inspire gastronomic explosion and happiness. We want everybody to taste our product with huge pleasure. 

-How is Amochame product created and what makes it special on Georgian market? 

-Tastes in Amochame jams are balanced to match and refine all dishes. For example, you may taste pepper jam jointly with main dish, and chocolate cake, vanilla ice-cream or tea. Separate product is created by different and our exceptional technology.
-Where are your products sold? 

-You can buy our products as the following stores: Cheese House, Marleta, Only Georgian and ITI confectionaries network. You will also meet dishes of Amochame jam at menus of several restaurants.

-What sort of products do you offer to clients and do you plan to make you product diverse?

-At this stage, we have pepper jam and onion jam in networks. Soon we will add KIWI and pepper jam and various sweets. For the coming New Year, we plan to combine all products in magic gift packing.

-What are the plans of Amochame?

-We plan to introduce our products in the big networks, to export Amochame jams and popularize Georgian production.