Posted: 5 months ago

Aesthetics of Simplicity - Leather Accessories by Ideas Q.A

Ideas Q.A is a leather accessories brand created by Qeti Aqubardia in 2013. 

As a founder of the brand, Qeti Aqubardia discusses the matters of the background history of Ideas Q.A and its business plans with CBW. 

She says, her main motivation for creating such a brand became her grandmother's old wallet, which had cracks.

"The main task for me was to get this effect, I was looking for the appropriate material and was making some experiments. As a result, I achieved the desired goal. It was a discovery, which turned to be unexpected and even unacceptable for the Georgian market.", mentioned Qeti Aqubardia and added, that she started working on leather in 2011.

During the past years, she was seeking her own style and forms. 

"My idea should have been tailored to the customers' needs, and therefore they were refined and developed on a daily basis. After some time, I focused on the certain shape and style, and I expanded the depth."

Ideas Q.A creates handmade leather bags, wallets, and accessories. Every item is created with an individual attitude. 

"When I became interested in leather and production made with leather, I can definitely say that there were no bags and wallets on the local market with an individualistic style. The accessories were uninteresting and banal. I was looking for something different. Due to my taste and characteristics, I came up with an idea to create items, which would not be for daily use but also would serve to emphasize the character of the user, and the customer would be able to discover the detail in the product, which would mark out her/his individualism and create a mood.", noted Qeti Aqubardia and added, that it is difficult to find an appropriate material in the market, which is necessary for transferring ideas into reality. "This is the reason why I have to conduct some experiments to get the desired texture."

IDEAS Q.A is a unique brand, which points out individualistic aesthetics. As the founder of the brand says, it does not have explicit, gender-related details. 

"It is liberal and does not respond to fashion trends. It's ultra-modern and never mixes with items created by other designers. It's transformable and expresses the soul and character of the owner."

"My worldview values the idea that nothing is perfect and permanent. Aesthetics of my work lies in the simplicity that hides in everyday life."
She also thinks that the most pleasant thing while working on the leather is to make interesting discoveries when the material is able to take her in a completely different direction.
The production is available via Facebook and Instagram pages.

As for the future plans, she aims to create a store and a studio, which will be able to explicitely reveal details of a working process for visitors, users, or just a passer-by.