Posted: 3 years ago

60 Watt Design: Creative Installations by Georgian Designer

60 Watt Design is a 2-year-old label by Georgian artist and light designer Giorgi Maghradze.

During his studies he started to work as an artist and after the graduation he had his first personal exhibition ‘Mechanical cyber Dada’. His works at that time were due to his strong interest in the left front Avant-Garde art, especially constructivism. Subsequently Giorgi had his first steps in kinetic art and participated in several group exhibitions in Georgia.

In 2012-2013 having studied video/sound art at the Center of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi Giorgi broadened his working domain. In 2015 he was nominated in Visual Arts section for Tsinandali Award, he also had several group exhibitions in Georgia as well as abroad (France, Spain, Ukraine, Lithuania).

Three years ago Giorgi started to design the lighting objects with the inspiration of insects. Later the visual line of ‘Insect lamps’ slowly disappeared and was replaced by a new label 60 Watt Design. Recently Giorgi’s field of interests is mostly oriented on light design and light installations.