Posted: 5 months ago

16 Teams in the Impact Hub Program Seeking Additional Funding to Grow Their Startups

Initiated and organized by Impact Hub Tbilisi, the Startup Pre-Acceleration Program was launched, which aims to develop local technology startups and increase their investment opportunities, while enabling investors to invest in an industry of their choice at an early stage.

20 teams took part in the pre-accelerator, which actively worked on the development of their own startup for 3 months. During the pre-accelerator, startups formulated value propositions, business models, financial plans, communication strategies, market entry strategies, fitches, and investment proposals.

At the Demo Day, 16 teams presented to investors and invited guests to seek additional funding and develop/expand the startup.

Participating startups:

  • AMBRY - A blockchain-based analytics platform AML that allows both financial sectors and banks, as well as crypto platforms, to verify and control cryptocurrency transactions and addresses.
  • MEDU - a medical education platform that simplifies and makes available the process of professional communication and experience sharing.
  • WEMPLER - A platform that connects one-time helpers with one-time helpers.
  • SPACEM - a platform for digitization and automation of restaurant operations.
  • CARLINK - Auto Assistant based on car data analytics that saves time and money.
  • PHARAO - Digital Library of 3D Avatars of Real People.
  • SETPLACE - A platform for booking and renting locations.
  • WORKIN - A platform for software testers and tech. For recruiters. We simplify the recruitment process, help businesses grow and improve quality.
  • SPICEAPP - a platform where short-term foreign visitors will receive discounts and special offers from local companies.
  • LAWFORMER - Legal Tech Based on Machine Learning. A platform that simplifies the contracting and legal review process through a digital library of articles, a smart contracting tool, and a brief overview of court cases.
  • DIDGE - A cloud-based platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses by generating and optimizing content to enhance their online visibility on social media with the help of artificial intelligence in the media and on websites.
  • COSTY - Online platform for construction costing, analysis, and construction procurement.
  • COLLAB2B - a multifunctional B2B sales platform that specializes in e-commerce and wholesale trade and integrates all the services needed for trading.
    NOMADERIA - a platform that helps remote travelers to select the country
  • suitable for their interests, prepare travel documents, select accommodation and jobs, establish the necessary connections, etc.
  • TASTEIT - a social network for restaurants and their customers.
  • LYNX - a website linking small and medium-sized businesses to financial institutions to facilitate business lending.

The pre-acceleration program is led by an initiative team created by Impact Hub Tbilisi, led by experienced mentors, who have undergone a special training course in a leading international acceleration program. Based on the experience gained, the team has developed a local pre-acceleration program that responds to the challenges of the local startup ecosystem. The first stream demo day was held in June 2021, the startups participating in the program won a total investment/grant of 800,000 GEL.

"It is noteworthy that the interest in the pre-accelerator is very high, we think such initiatives significantly contribute to the development of the startup ecosystem in our country and I am glad that Impact Hub Tbilisi is an integral part of this process," - said Impact Hub Tbilisi co-founder Katie Ebanoidze.