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Why BuildingTec Bricks?

Why BuildingTec Bricks? This specific question is the easiest to answer for BuildingTech's clients, partners and staff, on 14-th of march By the CEBC rankings BuidingTec Bricks Passed multiple tests conducted on brands highly praised bricks.

CEBS Ranking

So Far BuildingTec is the only Brick manufacturing company that has successfully obtained a CEBC Ranking, and currently is the 13-th Brick manufacturing company in Europe, which has been included in the list of A-Category brick and façade tiles production and manufacturing by CEBC, BuildingTec achived this monumental feat last month.

SGS-Constructions License

BuildingTec also made the impossible entry and managed to obtain the prestigious SGS-Millennium laboratory license, which as many building material suppliers are aware that it’s one of the hardest licenses to obtain when it comes to raw building materials. This achievement belongs not only to BuildingTec, but also to the Georgian people, who can now have access to one of the world's best-quality Brick products.

Environment and Sustainability

BuildingTec's bricks doesn't just stand out for its aesthetics and durability; They also give priority to environmental sustainability. The company uses both new titanium ceramic molds as well as locally sourced materials. company's official slogan is commitment to quality, which directly indicates their excellent product!

Stability and Precision

BuildingTec is all about stability and excellence. From mold selection and production process to final inspection, every step is performed with precision, high level of efficiency and unique care to the raw materials. This ensures that each manufactured product meets the highest standards of quality.

Leading Brick Manufacturer in Georgia

BuildingTec is the true leader in the brick manufacturing industry. Their commitment to perfection, commitment to ecological sustainability and the high quality of Brick products distinguish them as one of the leading construction materials manufacturers not only in Georgia but also on the European market.


BuildingTech's staff is made up of a specialized professional team, which are permanently involved in training to learn new technologies.

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