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Posted: 5 years ago

Three-Way Kickboxing Champion David Kiria Became First Honorary Residence of Dirsi

As Georgia Dirsi’s management welcomed the triumphant of the world championship in kickboxing David Kiria with surprise.

Davit Kiria was granted the status of honorary resident of “Dirsi” in the presence of other residents of the complex and awarded with the “Lopota Spa Resort” along with a certificate of mentioned fact. The symbolic ceremony was held on the territory of complex. Films of Kiria’s championship was played on the background.

Davit Kiria has won the World Championship for the third time in kickboxing. In the final tournament held in Shanghai, he defeated Moroccan fighter Maroun Tutu.

According to Ketevan Pachulia, Public Relations Manager of “As Georgia – Dirsi”, David Kiria’s victory is a good inspiration for the management of “Dirsi” to lay the foundation for a new beginning.

“We decided to celebrate World Recognition of our resident David Kiria originally. We hope other residents of our complex will join the status of ”Honorary Resident” as well,”-said Ketevan Pachulia.

The concept of “Dirsi” is to create not only the building, but also houses. Not only the settlement but the style of life. Not only the infrastructure, but 360 degree comfort. Not only responsibility, but love. Not just for you, but for your children. Not just for the present, but for the future. Not only good but also the best.