Real Estate
Posted: 10 months ago

The International Real Estate Academy Launches in Georgia

In a strategic move to enhance the real estate sector in Georgia, the International Real Estate Academy has been inaugurated, thanks to the joint initiative of Fiabci Georgia and Property Georgia. 

Fiabci Georgia is represented in approximately 70 countries and advocates the adoption of innovative, sustainable practices in construction. The establishment of the International Real Estate Academy falls in line with their mission. The academy aims to provide continuous professional education in real estate, enlisting both local and international experts.

Under the academy's auspices, the first educational course titled "Real Estate 360 Degrees" has been successfully executed. The course drew participation from approximately 30 people and will continue to be offered in the future. It acted as a unique platform that convened practicing professionals from around 14 companies to share their experiences.

The comprehensive curriculum of the "Real Estate 360 Degrees" course covers all essential facets of real estate. From market research, real estate development concepts, marketing strategies, and sales planning, to the role of digital technology, human resources, as well as tax and legal issues, and interior design - every key topic finds a place in this course. The course aims to provide an expansive view of the real estate sector and encourages participants to further develop their careers in their areas of interest.

The "Real Estate 360 Degrees" course, a three-day program, is designed to cater to a wide audience. It welcomes individuals already employed in the real estate sector, early-career professionals, mid-level and senior-level managers, and students.