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Posted: 2 years ago

Swift Land Group is Building New Settlement- "Hollywood City" in Kaspi

In the Kaspi municipality, near the village of Tsinarekhi, the investment development company "Swift Land Group" is building a multifunctional complex "Hollywood City".

As the company told Commersant, the complex is designed to introduce new living standards and develop the film industry in Georgia. In addition to the perfect infrastructure, the complex will have commercial spaces, entertainment, and sports facilities, a film study center, and a 5-star hotel.

The concept of "Hollywood City" is based on the principles of nature conservation, which is reflected in the consumption of renewable electricity. Irma Elbakidze, Head of the Public Relations and Branding Department of the company, spoke to Commersant in more detail about what the multifunctional complex will offer to its customers. According to her, a similar type of resort project has not been implemented in the Kaspi region yet.

"We bought land near the village of Tsinarekhi, on which one of the projects had already been approved, and we made adjustments to the project ourselves. The project will be special in that the resort project has not been implemented in the Kaspi region yet.

We are proud of the fact that we are doing the project in an untapped area, at the initial stage the project envisages 55 villas and plans to build a 5-star hotel, the project is in the process of development, except for villas, public consumption zones such as playgrounds, film studio and film art training center hence our name "Hollywood City".

Nature is so interesting here that we want to arrange small shooting areas, where different TV movie projects will be able to implement various projects, will be able to ask us for permission and make on-site movies, in addition to commercial space, where we can arrange a small market for the locals and the locals will be able to sell their produce, we are particularly focused on offering our residents an ecologically clean product. "Hollywood City" is also interesting in that the majority of employees - 60% will be local, "- said Irma Elbakidze.