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Posted: 1 year ago

SEU Development’s Suburb City Concept Wins Eastern Europe Real Estate Award in Ukraine

The development of Tbilisi suburbs is gaining momentum. New shopping malls, fitness clubs, large-scale residential complexes are actively developed at the outskirts of Georgia’s capital city.

Initially, only district residential buildings were built in suburbs. Later, the new territories combined almost all services and amenities within the same space to create maximum comfort for residents. As noted at Eastern Europe Real Estate Awards in Ukraine, the SEU Varketili project gets ahead of time and fully matches the customers’ needs. Therefore, the project was named as the best project of 2019. The project calls for arranging a mini-city on 3.5 hectares, including a recreational space on 2 hectares. The new concept combines everything in the same space, be it a recreational space, kindergarten, school, pharmacy, market, or beauty salon.

The entire territory with all the mentioned facilities is protected reliably. The residents have the opportunity to let children play in the yard freely and safely because space has been isolated from the motorway. The new concept integrates the green space and protected area with urban conditions. Therefore, the residential complex is located a 15-minute way from Varketili's underground station. The project is implemented by SEU Development. Construction works are inactive phase. The works will be finished in a year. It is also important that SEU Development uses ecologically clean and energy-efficient materials. After the project completion, residents will have an access to the 2-hectare recreational space, schools, and kindergarten; fitness center, underground and aboveground parking spaces; entertainment space for children; commercial and office spaces, sports and children playgrounds; tennis courts; central firefighting system.