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Posted: 4 years ago

Russian Citizens Still Dominate among Foreign Citizens Buying Real Estate in Georgia

Over the past 4 years in 2015-2018, the ratio of Russian citizens among foreign citizens who have bought real estate in Georgia made up 40%, the Georgia – 2019 Migration Profile, published by Government Commission for Migration, reads.

Namely, in 2015-2018 Russian citizens registered 15 133 real estates in Georgia. Iranian citizens come second and Ukrainian citizens are third.

According to the document, the number of real estates registered by foreign citizens in ownership has extremely increased (mainly apartments), while the number of registered agriculture lands has declined.

According to the report, the number of Georgian citizens who have left Russia is growing. It is interesting that, according to the document, the number of Georgian citizens leaving for Russia declines.

Despite the mentioned tendency, Russia ranks first in terms of money transfers to Georgia. At the same time, money transfers are growing from Israel and EU countries.