Real Estate
Posted: 2 years ago

Real Estate Prices Increased by 200% in Suburbs of Tbilisi

"Real estate prices have risen by about 200% in the suburbs of Tbilisi," said Nata Modebadze, a member of the Georgian National Real Estate Association's board of directors, in the program "Women's Narrative." According to her, this trend is especially noticeable after the pandemic.

"Prices on properties will not fall because it's not a separate item - everything is intertwined: if fuel is more expensive, everything is more expensive, including housing, because construction needs materials, car service, labor, land,etc" Nata Modebadze said.

Nata Modebadze also responds to a survey conducted by the association, which aimed to determine who is interested in buying real estate in Georgia from foreign countries.

"It turned Israelis, Russians, Ukrainians, Baltic citizens and Europeans buy properties in Georgia. As for emigrants, they are also very active," Modebadze said.