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Posted: 4 years ago

Number of Construction Permits Increased in Georgia

According to Geostat's official data, a total of 4991 permits  were issued in January-June (1.0% more compared to the same period of the  previous year) for construction of buildings with  the total area of  3520,9 thousand m2 (17.5% more compared to the same months of previous year).

It’s worth mentioning that 71.6 percent of the total permits have been issued in the country’s three regions: 48.8 percent of the constructions are carried out in Tbilisi, 11.7% - in Kvemo Kartli and 11.1% in Adjara region.

In January-June 2019 permissions were issued for the construction of multifunctional residential complexes, hotels, trade facilities, industrial enterprises, agricultural objects and other buildings. The relatively large share of the permissions granted hold the multifunctional residential complexes. More than half of the total completed construction are distributed in 3 regions of the country, namely: 36.4 percent in Tbilisi, 15.0 percent - in Kakheti region and 9.5 percent - in Kvemo Kartli region.

1 236 objects (6.3 percent more compared to the same months of previous year) of 1370.6 thousand square meters (47,6 percent more compared to the same months of previous year of previous year previous year) were completed in January-June, 2019.