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Posted: 4 years ago

Nobody Wants to Buy Khrushovka in Tbilisi – Why is there no Demand for these Types of Flats?

So called Khrushovka, which has long expired, has been less attractive to citizens.

Real estate agency “” stated after a few months of observation that the ” The will to buy Khrushovka apartment is not actually found. “

Little about Khrushovka:

Khrushovka is Nikita Khrushchev’s (First Secretary of the Central Committee of Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1953-1964) 3-5-storey brick residence complex, whose project is owned by architect Vitaly Lagutenko, but buildings arestill referred to as Khrushovka. Initially the Khrushovka construction in the Soviet Union began to solve the problem of housing and its operation period was 25 years old. Then there was The series of “solid khurshovka’s”, which was already aimed at 50 year-old operation. How do these types of houses look like? In this house the ceiling does not exceed 2,5 m, there is no elevator and internal walls have a bad insulation of the sound.

According to the director of Gvantsa Gujelashvili, today there are more than 500 Khrushovka type buildings in Tbilisi and their total living space is approximately 1,066,800 sq.m. Where most of them are located in Dighomi, Varketili and Vazha-Pshavela’s quarters.

As noted above, “” has been observing for several months, what type of residential project has the largest demand in the capital: “In fact there is no demand for these types of flats, which is due to different factors. The level of people’s demand has already changed and therefore they prefer to purchase a better infrastructure house instead of the old, waste sewage system and communication house.

And yet … what is the cost of Khrushovka apartment in Tbilisi?

According to Gvantsa Gujelashvili, the prices of square meter for the Krushovka project apartments are varied based on districs. The price of 1 sq.m. on the Saburtalo – 688 USD equivalent in GEL, in Didube R – 1 sq.m. Price – 654 USD and Varketili- 1 sq.m. Price – $ 474 equivalent in GEL. Khrushovka project located in Temka, Samgori and Gldanula settlement, is available at the average price of 1 sq.m for 454 USD.