Real Estate
Posted: 1 year ago

New Skyscrapers Project Announced in Tbilisi's City Center

A major real estate project is planned for implementation on Heroes' Square in the Tbilisi City Centre.

The company "Kostavas 69", a subsidiary of "Cartu Group", has submitted a proposal to the City Urban Service for the construction of a multi-functional complex on the site of a former silk factory. The "Kostavas 69" charitable foundation, which is also a member of the "Cartu Group" and Hausart is directly working on the development of the project.

According to the architectural plans, the project includes two skyscrapers with a maximum height of 65 floors, making it the tallest structure in the city after the TV tower with a total area of 155,588 square meters.

The company has requested an increase in the zonal parameters of k2 and a change in the status of the recreation area in the feasibility study sent to the municipal service.

The historical building of the silk factory will be preserved as part of the project, however, the project does not include the Laguna Vere swimming pool which is also owned by Bidzina Ivanishvili's business group.