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Posted: 9 months ago

‘’Matiani’’ - The New Residential Complex on Tsereteli Avenue: Real Estate Development Company ‘‘Biograpi Living’’ Launches the Second Large-scale Project

Biograpi Living, a real estate developer, is pleased to announce a new project, Matiani, a mixed-use residential complex that combines residential apartments, offices, and commercial spaces.

Matiani building will be located in one of the oldest and central districts of Tbilisi, Didube, on #45 Akaki Tsereteli Avenue. Committed to this project's implementation, Biograpi Living will allocate an investment of $40 million, with the anticipated completion scheduled for the close of 2026.

Matiani exemplifies modern architectural innovation and represents another pioneering venture by Biograpi Living. This ambitious project will play a pivotal role in transforming the urban fabric of the Didube district and emerge as a landmark on the newly reconstructed Tsereteli Avenue, designed according to the universal urban design standards, promoting public transport accessibility and high-quality public spaces.

The distinctiveness of the project Matiani is rooted in its well-planned space alignment with contemporary trends. The multifunctional complex integrates essential amenities for high quality and simplified life. Matiani combines various facilities conducive to a healthy lifestyle, including a fitness center, swimming pool, aesthetic center, padel court, cafes and more. To promote an eco-friendly urban environment and lifestyle, the complex will also provide parking spaces for environmentally friendly vehicles, complete with electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Vasil Pkhakadze, the CEO of Biograpi Living, proudly shares, "We are delighted to introduce Matiani, our second multifunctional project, to the public. We continue to embrace the concept of the 15-minute city in this new endeavor, where all essential amenities create a vibrant environment. At the same time, the newly reconstructed Tsereteli avenue will create adaptive use of the territory harmoniously incorporated within the area."

In its commitment to realizing the vision of Biograpi Living and enhancing the quality of life for residents, the company will employ top-tier materials and contemporary architectural methodologies throughout the construction process. Matiani is conceived as an energy-efficient venture, featuring state-of-the-art thermal insulation adhering to modern standards, thus contributing to reduced utility costs. Furthermore, sound insulation systems incorporated into the project underscore the creation of a tranquil living environment.

The commercial area of the 31-story complex will feature a facade adorned with Italian terracotta, with aluminum composite balconies on the upper floors. Distinguished by their excellent quality, these materials confer unique attributes to the project. Terracotta is acclaimed for its resilience to temperature variations and ultraviolet radiation, maintaining its original appearance over the years. Similarly, aluminum composite material is renowned for its exceptional resistance to external elements, vibration absorption, and long-lasting aesthetic appeal.

In May 2023, Biograpi Living, a member of the Wissol Group, debuted in the market with the Sakeni residential complex, which is currently in the construction phase. The company's ambitious agenda includes announcing two additional large-scale projects planned for the forthcoming year.