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Posted: 4 years ago

M² Begins Construction of a New Residential Complex in Tsavkisi – Success Starts from Home

m² in Tsavkisi is the first private housing project created by the company, which offers a user to live in a new and ecologically clean district where living in a balanced lifestyle is possible for its residents to rest, receive guests, do sports, get closer to neighbors, enjoy green and daily life.

The idea of ​​creating a qualitatively new project by the company has led to the fact that the Georgian customer has an increasing interest towards healthy lifestyle, a desire to live in a comfortable and safe home. Studies show that everyone wants to create an environment that suits our aspirations. The project m² is based on a green and protected neighborhood concept in Tsavkisi. The area of ​​the district covers 47587 sq.m., where the unique design has been planned for landscape design, 82 private house yards, sports infrastructure and spaces for active rest.

Tsavkisi is located at an altitude of 850 m above sea level, surrounded by mountains, which makes its ecologically pure microclimate. The new housing is just 10 minutes away from the Freedom Square.

m²  Tsavkisi’s area of each private land area is from 328 sq.m. to 502 sq.m. and the total area of the house is 220 sq.m.-380 sq. m.

The interior of the houses will be lighted up by the sunlight by means of home layout and a wide range of glass windows, balconies and terraces provide the opportunity to enjoy the view  and the yard. Tsavkisi houses are distinguished by a minimalistic style and functional approach. Their location, architectural solution, the color of the materials are well suited to the landscape of the district.

Each house will have an independent entrance, parking, tech room and a warehouse that is part of a common architectural concept. In front of the house will be arranged a low fence of a metal.

High quality, sustainable and environmentally friendly construction and furnishing materials will be used during construction.

Travertine, aluminum, wood, brick. The house frame and the roof will be wrapped up, which will ensure the cooling of the summer and the heating in the winter. The energy efficiency of up to 23% will be achieved through technologies and materials company uses.

To promote healthy lifestyle, a new district of Tsavkisi will allocate Swimming pool for all seasons; Tennis court and stadium. Hiking trails, green areas, cozy café and barbecue zone will also be arranged there. Safety and comfort will provide 24-hour protection of the common use area, maintenance of greenery and cleaning of common areas.