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Posted: 1 year ago

Korter: Reliable Information on Residential Real Estate in Georgia

Finding new housing is not an easy task. But everything becomes completely different when you use the property selection service

For the moment it works in 10 countries and helps hundreds of thousands of users to choose the best options for purchase. Including in Georgia, where the service has been operating since 2018.

Over the past few years, a kind of construction boom has been going on in this country. The country's economy is growing, the tourist flow is increasing, and developers are offering new housing options for every taste and budget. But all this leads to the fact that it becomes difficult to choose a dream apartment. And here Korter comes to the rescue.

This platform in the Georgian market was launched as part of Flatfy real estate search service. And its main task is to collect reliable information on all new buildings in the country in one place. As a result, this service has become an effective tool for assessing the residential real estate in Georgia. After all, now potential buyers can explore the market situation themselves, see the best options, and also receive free legal support from the Korter team.

You can be sure that using this service you will receive the most accurate and confirmed information about new buildings in all the largest cities in the country:

Today, all platform visitors can view the pages of 342 residential complexes from 239 developers officially working in the market. Service experts collect detailed information on each of the objects and ensure its correct and, most important, free display.

This decision is logical because paid portals cannot demonstrate the real picture of the market. Very often, developers do not want to pay for accommodation on such sites and post information about their buildings only at their information sites. Unfortunately, users cannot always find them.

On Korter, everything is placed free of charge and at the same time, the service team carefully checks each of the objects and updates the information weekly. Thus, by going to the site you will always receive up-to-date information about the available layouts, cost, construction status and its legality.