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Posted: 2 years ago

HOUSE.GE – New Platform for Finished and Unfinished New Apartments

Over the past few years, the consumer behavior for purchasing apartments has essentially changed, due to various factors.

The current economic developments, regulations enforced in the development industry and growing competition on the development market have also changed consumer priorities. Today, more accents are made on the quality of construction works, properly planned spaces, quality-related aspects, various campaigns, and offers. According to the latest statistics, over the past few years, the demand for finished or unfinished new apartments has essentially increased.

This tendency has been reflected in the statistics of SS.Ge, the most prestigious and high-traffic real estate digital platform. At the same time, it was outlined that searching new apartments was not comfortable for many visitors of the website, because developers’ offers on the website are dispersed and visitors can see only one specific statement, not the whole project. Consequently, the idea arose to create a separate platform for this type of apartment that would enable customers to make a choice easier.

Ilia Gijashvili, SS.GE project manager talks about the House.GE concept and idea.

“Our audience includes development companies and customers seeking new apartments. We solve communication problems between them and assist them in making real business. We assist them in resolving search problems for customer and placement problems for developers.

As a rule, trying to buy a new apartment, customers seek offers of various development companies on real estate platforms, look through their social networks, ask friends, relatives… Anyway, customers doubt that they do not have comprehensive information on better and more affordable projects, while the demand for new apartments is growing. Consequently, competition between developers also grows, and therefore, they offer better and better campaigns and packages. The ratio of new apartments in total sales accounts for 65%.

Besides projects, the website also publishes information on campaigns and offers. Consequently, customers are able to see all campaigns and offer by various development companies in the same space, due to the list and map.

House.Ge collects information on all new finished and unfinished apartments in Tbilisi. This platform connects developers with customers simply and quickly. We offer a wide option and comprehensive information to customers, while developers are able to enjoy such services as integration into SS, generating leads, possessing their own branded website, content marketing and re-marketing together with additional services that make developer’s websites more attractive.

Unlike other platforms, where real estates are seen in the form of a statement and where only one apartment may be seen, House.GE provides detailed and comprehensive information on the finished project. Customers are able to receive full information: attainable planning in specific projects, price of each planning, attainable floors, ongoing campaigns, receive information on payment conditions, make a simple comparison between several alternatives.

HOUSE.GE platform was developed by SS.GE team, the leading company in the real estate sector for 14 years. SS.GE attracts more than 550,000 unique visitors a month. Therefore, all projects placed on will automatically appear in SS.GE search system”, Ilia Gijashvili noted.