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Posted: 3 years ago

Georgia’s New History in 30-Year Biography of ARCI (Part V)

The stories that ARCI company has passed through reflect the 30-year history of Georgia. These stories are full of admiration, bravery, doubts, fear, risks, devotion, misery, feeling of despair and achievements – ARCI has turned 30.

Architect Irakli Rostomashvili continues to tell us about the story of the Company “Arci”: There was a book store ”Chiraghdani” around Chavchavadze Street corner. Once I entered and see, all the shelves are empty, and you can find only one small book ”Georgian naywords and phrases”, price 20 cents. I took it, paid and left. It was the last book in the store. I kept this book at my office. We would read some lines, laugh, having fun. Once we got a letter from the City Hall. It was absolute nonsense as if they were giving advice but wouldn’t get the point. Gia and I were discussing, what to reply, it was impossible to write anything serious. Meanwhile, I opened a book and read: ”One who has never built a house, thinks poles have risen from the ground”- That was our answer.

That Megrelian person inspired us to found a private construction company. There was nothing like that back then, no rules, no law. We discussed a lot whether we could risk or not. Once we were at the bath-house and took this decision to start a business and see what happens. As we came up with the idea at the bath-house, we had written this word on every single document. Consequently, we come up with laws ourselves, typed it on our computer and brought it to the Government. We set the meeting in advance. We brought and wait. In early May 1991, Tengiz Sigua, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, signed the decree: “On Creating Parallel Structures of Private Construction.” Soon after, the law was published on the paper, on the top of the corner read ”Bath-House”.

It’s 1992. A private company was a new fruit, private business didn’t exist either, either constructors. Copartnerships were created and build their own houses. People knew Central Committee, Communist party, ministers, non-formals, but what exactly was a private business seemed ambiguous. First we called ourselves Sindicat, then developers, etc. Then we came up with the word: ”Builders”

There’s still more to say about ARCI’s 30-year history.