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Posted: 1 year ago

Georgian Emigrants to Buy Real Estate in Georgia via GLINT PROPERTY Platform

The USA-incorporated real estate brokerage company Glint Property will be oriented on the Georgian market.

As the company co-founder Shio Khetsuriani told Business Partner, the target segment includes Georgian emigrants and the people from Post Soviet countries living in the USA. The service is attainable for foreign citizens too interested in purchasing real estate in Georgia. The platform’s partner companies are Archi development company, Alliance Group, Mgzavrebi hotel, and Lebau, Khetsuriani said. "Consequently, interested emigrants are able to buy real estate in projects of the mentioned companies in Tbilisi, Bakuriani, Batumi, Gonio, and Goderdzi resort, including in over 20 projects of Archi company in Tbilisi and Bakuriani.

This is a much more convenient platform for emigrants because they can visit our office based on the one-window principle, get information on real estate projects in Georgia and buy the property for the same prices as they would do in Georgia”, Shio Khetsuriani noted. “I have been living in the USA for many years. My co-founder friends have been also living in the USA for many years. We know many Georgians who are interested to buy apartments or offices in Georgia. They believe this process will be simplified by opening an office and offering comfortable services. Our website provides comprehensive information for all interested persons”, Shio Khetsuriani noted.

As noted by the Glint Property co-founder, the list of partner companies will be expanded in the near future. The platform was launched 1 day ago and 10 persons have already expressed interest to buy apartments in Georgia.