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Posted: 2 years ago

From Rike Jugs to Museums of Wine, Digital Art and, Technology

Rike jugs were sold for 10 020 000 GEL. The property has been auctioned off several times by the National Agency for State Property, but the only company that made a decision to buy is the Global Victory Trust.

Imedinews contacted the National Agency for State Property to find out the title and the obligations of the company that won the auction to the state.

According to the investor, Global Victory Trust is a European company with modern Western management, led by a neuroeconomist and artificial intelligence specialist, Dr. Christopher Hill. The shareholder of the company is "Global Victory Investment", which is registered in the United Arab Emirates. Its owner and director is Mariam Khidasheli, and the company is headed by businessman Davit Khidasheli.

The information provided by the company to the National Agency for State Property also states that the Global Victory Trust plans to open museums of wine, digital art, and technology in the historic district of Tbilisi, Rike, in the buildings with this unique architecture. According to them, this will be a social investment of the David Khidesheli family in the cultural and cognitive-educational life of the capital of Georgia. The investor also claims that Global Victory Trust is a European company with modern Western management that enjoys great trust and authority in business circles. Thus, the projects that will be implemented on his behalf will be implemented to the appropriate standards.

„The Conference and exhibition halls equipped with the latest technologies, IT acceleration and promotion spaces, virtual technological tourist and exhibition halls, virtual and physical event halls will be located in Rike jugs, various projects will be implemented using digital technologies, an international wine consortium and a smart city center will be arranged. It will be a synthesis of old and new, which will make the visitors of these spaces imagine Georgia as a rich history and no less impressive future, "- said the company.