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Posted: 3 years ago

DOMUS to Build New Residential-Commercial Complex on Chavchavadze Avenue

DOMUS development company plans to build a new residential-commercial complex in Vake, Chavchavadze Avenue N 31, near Guramishvili Monument.

The construction works will start in February 2021 and end in autumn 2023. As Domus director, Aleksandre Kordzakhia told Business Partner, the architectural concept of the 18-storied complex fits the public square landscape and composition of perennial plants and their texture. The price of 1 m2 in the complex starts from GEL 7,260. The concept was developed based on this landscape and plants, he said. “This concept’s sensibility sharpens from floor to floor thanks to the diversity of gardens, orangery, and green plants”, Kordzakhia noted.

Around $10million will be invested in the project implementation, Kordzakhia said. Founded in 2006, Domus development company has been building 5 projects, including Ipodrom 2, Ipodrom, Chavchavadze 29, Paliahsilvi 87, and Paliashvili 114.