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Posted: 4 years ago

Development Company Binadari held a Media Tour

The development company "Binadari" hosted the journalists and introduced current and completed projects.

Media representatives from over twenty different channels, print and online media participated in the tour. Together with the Binadari team, the journalists toured five of the company's premises, got acquainted with the specifics and process of construction.

Within the media, journalists attended the inauguration ceremony of the block A project on Residential Lisi, where company representatives placed a symbolic capsule. At the end of the event, the company raffled off the trips to a multi-functional hotel, Sapphire Hotel & Spa Bakuriani, located in Bakuriani and is a Binadari investment project. The lucky ones - the GPB operator, iTV, Interpressnews, ExpressNews and journalists won the traveling package.

Bintari as a brand has been operating in the construction market since 2014. The company is continuously working on new and larger scale projects. Currently three projects are under construction: "Residential Vake" (Nino Zhvania N3), "Residential Lisi" (near Lisi Lake, 41 Tabidze Ave.) and "Bindari Dadiani 2" (Ts. Dadiani N59), which were viewed by journalists.

The company currently counts about 500 loyal and satisfied customers. To date, "Binadari" has completed three major projects - "Resident Tsagareli" (on Archil Tsagareli N3), "Resident on Nutsubidze" (in Shalva Nutsubidze N129) and "Resident in Dadiani" (in Tsotne Dadiani N63).

“From the day we founded the company, we agreed on the brand platform, and we knew that the most important hallmark that should attract future residents was definitely quality. At the same time, the factors that determine our image are location, reliability, affordable price and timing, ”the company said.

The development company is very responsive to customer requirements. The housing team conducts research prior to construction and always selects the location that is most in demand and comfortable for potential residents.

In the process of building each ongoing project, Binadari begins preparing for future projects. The company is currently working on two new projects: Residential District in Isani and Residential Sairme.

The Binadari projects are distinguished by their premium class, which implies the highest quality material. The company takes into consideration the latest trends in the market and replaces the existing material for the better. The premium class also incorporates the aesthetic side, and the projects are distinguished by their sophisticated visuals.

Binadari offers potential homeowners high quality construction at a competitive price in all projects. Those interested in purchasing an apartment can benefit from flexible payment arrangements, which include an interest-free installment on an individual schedule and, if desired, a long-term mortgage loan with partner banks.