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Posted: 3 years ago

Demand for Plot of Lands Increased in Tbilisi and Surrounding Areas During Pandemic

Although the Coronavirus pandemic has had a significant negative impact on various sectors, the demand for purchasing land plots has increased.

However, in parallel with the increase in demand, the price remains stable.

According to the information requested from the real estate portal, the price of a plot of land in Tbilisi and its surrounding areas looks like this:

Tbilisi - from $ 10

Saguramo - from $ 6

Kojori - from $ 12

Tskneti - starts from 100 dollars

Tabakhmela - from $ 18

Tsavkisi - from $ 25

The fact that the interest in land plots is growing is indicated by another data of According to statistics, in March 2020, 37 new applications were listed for the sale of land in the suburbs of Tbilisi, in April and May this number increased significantly, in particular, in April 287 new applications were submitted, and in May - 706.

As for the number of visitors who are interested in buying and selling land plots in Tbilisi and its surrounding, 18,126 were registered on the site in March, 22,051 in April and 25,994 in May.

"Demand has also increased for agricultural lands, in Kakheti, as well as in the West. It was the pandemic that affected the increase in demand. People wanted to engage in agriculture and value being close to nature more. I always say we have the most glorious land and we need to take care of it,''-says the founder of Modern Real Estate, Nata Modebadze at BPN.