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Posted: 8 months ago

Creeping Mold Method Ensures High Seismic Resistance, Says Vitali Dvalishvili

According to Vitali Dvalishvili, director of the Center for Technical Condition Assessment of Buildings, the creeping mold method of construction ensures high seismic resistance. This modern construction method is increasingly being used in Georgia to provide sophisticated and sustainable products to customers.

The largest example of construction using the creeping mold method in Georgia is the residential complex built by "AS Georgia" company. Almost all of the company's buildings are constructed using this high-budget technology, which provides increased strength and stability.

Dvalishvili explains that the application of the creeping mold method begins with the laying of a solid concrete foundation, followed by the construction of tunnel-like structures instead of reinforced-concrete columns. Prefabricated steel structures are then placed in the partitions and the space above the formwork, and the entire floor and partitions are concreted. The result is a highly durable and strong construction.

One of the key advantages of the creeping mold method is the fact that the entire floor can be cast, dried, and then used to build the next floor with the same mold. This provides significant time and cost savings compared to traditional construction methods.

The method has also demonstrated its effectiveness in earthquakes, as almost all multi-storey buildings built using the creeping mold method in affected provinces of Turkey survived recent earthquakes and remained habitable, according to Turkish news media.

The "AS Georgia" company is continuing to use the creeping mold method for its latest project, the "Park Boulevard" complex. As this modern construction method becomes more widely adopted, it has the potential to greatly improve the durability and safety of buildings in seismic zones.