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Posted: 1 year ago

Construction Works at Villa Ambassadori are Coming to an End, as the Showroom Opens

Construction works carried out by Anagi Development at the Ambassadori Kachreti hotel complex near Tbilisi are coming to an end. 45 exclusively designed villas will be completed to a white-frame condition by December this year, together with the appropriate infrastructure.

The Villa Ambassadori complex will include two, three, and four-bedroom villas. The properties are fully furnished, with integrated kitchen furniture, gas range, and exhaust fans. One of the two-bedroom, 141.99 m2 villas now houses a showroom that can already be visited by all interested parties.

Buyers will be able to enjoy all services offered by the hotel. At the same time, they will have the option of renting out their villa with the help of the hotel management team and receiving a high return (13.5%) on their investment. For example, a two-bedroom, 141.99 m2 villa priced $200,000 yields an annual return of $27,000 from rental. The two-bedroom villa is the best choice for those who are looking to profit financially from their purchase. Additionally, buyers will receive a 1300 m2 - 2000 mland plot and vineyard as a gift.

The complex of villas stands out through its sophisticated design and exclusive lifestyle. The villas will be situated alongside the golf course. Here you can choose to reside or enjoy a holiday in the Mukuzani, Rkatsiteli, and Saperavi districts. Villa Ambassadori is an integral part of the Ambassadori Kachreti hotel complex, which includes European-standard infrastructure of all types. Along with the golf course, you can find indoor and outdoor pools, fitness and spa centers, restaurants, a wine cellar, conference halls, tennis courts, sports fields, shooting range, horse stables, and children’s playgrounds on the hotel premises.  

Villa Ambassadori is a project brought to you by Anagi Development, which is owned by the construction firm Anagi – a company with 31 years of experience. Anagi Development aims to introduce and implement innovations on the market. Private recreational spaces, infrastructure for a healthy lifestyle, and residential facilities equipped with the highest safety standards form an integral part of the company’s development concept.

Article by PropertyGeorgia