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Posted: 1 year ago

Ceramic Factory Opens in Gardabani

In the region of Gardabani, the village Norio ceramic factory will be opened, which will correspond to high standards. The information is declared by National Agency of State Property. 

As they state, factory will produce ceramic products with European quality (tiles and veneer slabs), which will challenge not only existing ceramic and concrete slab producing factories, but also importer companies of building material.

For fabricating products the company uses local Norio clays and river Duruji silt. For opening the factory, the owner invests 550 000 GEL and employs 20 recruits. 

Yearly capacity of the factory is 40 000 sq.m and will be considered for the local market. 

National Agency of State Property due to the governmental program "Enterprise Georgia" gave 12 600 sq.m - the real estate of state property to LTD company, "Geoceramics".