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Posted: 2 years ago

Axis Towers Multifunctional Complex Opened in Vake

"Axis Towers" was opened in Vake. This is a joint project of the Georgian Co-Investment Fund and the development company "Axis", which in its scale and importance can become a symbol of the success of development, Georgian architecture, and engineering in Georgia.

"Up to half a billion GEL, the direct investment of 150 million dollars allocated in this project, and today we see an extraordinary result. The multifunctionality of Axis Towers and especially the size of the business center has facilitated the development of this section of Chavchavadze Avenue as a business base.

I am especially pleased with the fact that "Axis Towers" is an entirely Georgian project, from the idea to the last stage of implementation. We are proud that this Georgian project will join the number of outstanding projects in the world.

200 Georgian companies were involved in this construction process, about 1,000 people were employed, and in addition to direct employees, this large-scale project will be a place of employment and development for many Georgian producers, large or small,'' said the Prime Minister of Georgia.

Axis Towers is a joint project of the development company Axis and the Georgian Co-Investment Fund, which is distinguished by the fact that it simultaneously includes 5 areas of development: residential, hotel, commercial, office and entertainment.

Axis Towers is a modern, modernist building consisting of a pedestal and two towers that reach a height of 147 meters. The building has 41 floors, 4 floors below ground and 37 above ground.

Here are some of the pictures from the event: