Posted: 3 weeks ago

Zura Balanchivadze To Host Exhibition at Cafe Mziuri

"Everything has its beginning, its peak, and ending. The cycle is continual. The isolation ended and now it is time to bring some things to light.", noted Zura Balanchivadze, who has a personal exhibiton at Cafe Mziuri, on July 19th, 22:00. 

"Geishas from Home" is the name of the series created by Zura Balanchivadze during three-month quarantine.

"I present you my artworks created in isolation, with the technique of newspaper art and I will introduce you to this side of Japanese culture."

At 18:00, Zura Balanchivadze will conduct the lecture about the history of Geisha: when was this phenomenon created, why it is distinguished, related myths and legends.