Posted: 2 weeks ago

Writers Adresses as Old Tbilisi Guidebook - New Event at Kibe Project

Savse Mtvare is a dynamic, creative, social project at the Center of Contemporary Art - Tbilisi.

The project aims to rethink and re-evaluate various subjects and establish connections between humans with the synthesis of exhibition, educational, audio-visual, and gastronomic elements.
Project curated by Center of Contemporary Art - Tbilisi and INCHINA group.
Savse Mtvare brings together exhibitions on various subjects, workshops, lectures and talks, audio-visual performances, gastronomy, and bar.
On June 6th, from 17:00 to 22:00, one will be able to see the old Tbilisi Guidebook, according to V.Japaridze’s watercolor series, implemented by Tbilisi City Hall.
From the large series of works which are kept in Tbilisi Literature Museum, 9 of them were selected, which illustrate Erekle’s square, Chakhrukhadze, and Ioane Shavteli streets, house of XIX century writers.
The poet Tekla Batonishvili, the daughter of King Erekle, lived here with her sons - Alexander and Vakhtang Orbeliani, Platon Ioseliani and Nikoloz Baratashvili, Daniel Chonkadze and Lavrenti Ardaziani, even Irodion Evdoshvili.

Research studied the biographies of the writers, their contacts, and the locations of their housing. 
Project curators are Natia Gagnidze Nana Kobaladze Nino Mikava.
Kibe Projekt is a participative conservation workshop organized in partnership with residents, carpenters, local architects, conservationists, and volunteers focusing on the conservation of the 7 Dzmebi Kakabadzeebi courtyard staircase. Our project does not only stress conservation but collective community involvement to renew the social ecology around the Tbilisian Ezo. Join us on Sunday evening for a presentation and discussion of the initiative, dinner, and drinks.