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Workshop by Toula Limnaios Takes Place in Tbilisi

Circe – Experimental Platform for Dance and Theatre and Goethe-Institut Georgien hosts workshop by Toula Limnaios. The event will take place at Goethe Institute Georgien on October 15th.

about the workshop:
"The body as a mediating element, the connection between the earth and the sky - A body work based on Release and Alexander technique, as well as a contemporary language of movement and a floor work method that has been developed over years, with a focus on relaxation and coordination between breathing and dynamics of movement. The impulse to move comes from the center, the source from which all energies flow. Through the conscious use of muscular relaxation, the body can raise without exertion, it can release and flow inner energies in order to create an „economics” of the body that strengthens the performers expression, brings the quality/dynamics of their movements into focus and aggravates their inner musicality.

There are no "recipes" for choreographing. Even though a personal signature is being developed over time, each piece remains a new challenge. Approaching various subjects from different angels results in the search for an „original“ movement language in correspondence to the subject, in the search for adequate compositional means needed to develop an inner logic of composition, the dramaturgically important inner „threads“, as well as, to convey own ideas and visions, to give „worlds“ to others and to communicate selves nonverbally. The focus is on the contemporary dance, dance as an expression, as non-verbal
communication and reflection of our era, our here and now..."

If one wants to attend the workshop can send a resume, short motivation letter, and video links (if any) at

Toula Limnaios was born in Greece in 1963. After completing her studies in classical and modern dance, m. alexander and laban technique, music, and dance education in Brussels, she worked as a dancer with Claudio Bernardo and Régine Chopinot, and as an assistant with Pierre Droulers. Limnaios received further education at the Volkswagen university, where she soon became a member of a Folkwang dance studio. She danced in live improvisations with the musicians Conny Bauer and Peter Kowald. She founded the cie. Toula Limnaios with Ralf r. Ollertz in 1996. She has received numerous prizes and awards for her work and is now one of the most renowned choreographers in Germany. Apart from directing her ensemble, she works as a guest choreographer at the Theater Osnabrueck, the Frankfurt University of performing arts, and the theatre Münster. Between 2007 and 2008 she was a guest professor at the „ernst busch“ academy of dramatic arts in Berlin.

The project is supported by Tbilisi City Hall and Rooms Hotel Tbilisi.