Posted: 1 week ago

What to Expect at the CONTENT Festival on June 30

On June 30, the CONTENT Festival will take place at Factory Tbilisi, bringing together diverse and creative social media content creators for a day of engaging activities.

The CONTENT Festival is a cognitive-entertainment event where guests can attend talks by intriguing speakers, participate in workshops and interviews, and enjoy various entertainment activities and master classes in the festival's outdoor space.

Similar festivals have been popular in America and Europe, like VidCon, where content creators gather. Recognizing the growth of Georgia's digital market, festival organizer Irakli Kakabadze decided to bring together content creators from platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and others.

"We aim to make the festival an annual event, growing and improving each year. This time, we’ve divided Factory Tbilisi (Tsereteli Ave. 114) into two sections: indoor and outdoor spaces. Tickets are available for either the outdoor area or a universal ticket," explains Irakli Kakabadze.

In the outdoor space, there will be numerous demonstration stands and performances. For instance, Luka Nachkiba, known as the face of Staropramen, will conduct a master class in a nearby car-restaurant. Kakha Kvirikashvili from "Kakha School" will demonstrate dog training and basic behavior techniques. The PlayStation Championship will take place in the "Alta" Pavilion, capturing the excitement surrounding the Georgian national football team's participation in the European Championship. There will also be a space for aspiring YouTubers to present their channels and content to festival guests, potential partners, and companies.

While we won’t reveal everything planned for the outdoor area just yet, rest assured there’s plenty more to look forward to.

Inside the hall, attendees will hear speeches from various speakers throughout the day, including panel discussions, interviews, and workshops. One panel will focus on the growing popularity of podcasts, featuring Niko Nergadze, Tato Batsikadze, Giorgi Vardosanidze, and Giorgi Kalatozi, moderated by Giorgi Japaridze.

Brand strategist Shota Chinchaladze will discuss modern business development, including how YouTubers can build their businesses and become influential brands. Giorgi Marchania (Giraffe) will talk about taking the character Jose to America, sharing insights on overcoming obstacles. Giorgi Makharashvili ("Suspicious Man") will speak about a new collaboration project supporting YouTubers.

Speakers Linako and Eleniko (Foxy Eleniko) will address a common misconception that good content creation requires expensive equipment, explaining how to choose the right content to produce. The creators of the first YouTube series, CHPS, will share their experiences, including challenges and successes. Basto and Koro ("Corsiz") will discuss the creation of the YouTube League and its second season. The creators behind "Magic" will explain how they amassed millions of subscribers on social media and broke into the international market.

In addition to content creation, the festival will cover the legal aspects of content production. Lawyer Davit Kikalishvili will discuss topics such as music usage rights and contracts with companies.

"We will also share our experiences from January 5, when we organized a major event that gained international attention, and reveal plans for another event on January 5. We’ll also present our new project," adds Irakli Kakabadze.

Tickets for the CONTENT Festival will be available starting Thursday, June 13. The price for outdoor space tickets is 35 GEL, while universal tickets are 90 GEL.

We can confidently call this the era of digital content. From traditional media, we have collectively transitioned to the internet, sharing our creativity, ideas, and diverse content on various social networks and websites. The growing interest in this digital world has expanded the landscape significantly.

The annual CONTENT Festival will provide a platform for many people to develop in this field and create opportunities for collaboration among existing influencers.